Gavin McNally’s Year Off

Gavin McNally’s Year Off is a hi-lo chapter book series for ages 9-11 featuring an eleven-year-old living in a small Northern California town. Just as he’s preparing to enter middle school, Gavin’s parents announce that they are taking a sabbatical. Their plan is to spend the next year, along with Gavin and his siblings, traveling the country in an RV! Gavin is disappointed about missing the first year of middle school. A year-long road trip—how boring! But Gavin couldn’t be more wrong about that. As he will find out, the trip might be many things—terrifying, death-defying, action-packed—but definitely not boring! In each book, which is set in a different part of the country, Gavin experiences an exciting adventure that tests his skills and smarts. Word count per book: 900-1000. Chapters: 4.

From Spellbound (an imprint of ABDO). September 2019. Illustrated by Mireille Ortega.