The Fabulous Fannie Farmer

The Fabulous Fannie Farmer: Kitchen Scientist and America’s Cook publishes January 30, 2024!

Fannie Farmer, America’s most famous cooking teacher, discovers that precise measurements are a recipe for cooking success in this STEAM picture book that includes two of her classic recipes.

Fannie believed that knowing how to cook is not something you’re born with–it takes hard work! She also pioneered the use of standard measurements. In 1892, Fannie wrote in her famous cookbook, “Correct measurements are absolutely necessary to ensure the best results,” and she is known today as The Mother of Measurement.

Meet Fannie Farmer, the woman who whipped up a cooking revolution–with a dose of science. When Fannie was a child in the late 1800s, recipes might call for “a goodly amount of salty” or “butter the size of an egg,” or even “a suspicion of nutmeg.” How much was that?! Home cooks were supposed to use their “feminine instincts” or just guess. But Fannie thought anyone should be able to bake a cake or serve a stew. After surviving polio and working hard to become a cooking teacher, Fannie discovered that precise measurements made cooking a piece of cake. Using her new approach, Fannie wrote a bestselling cookbook that is still used today because it allows anyone to make tasty meals–no guesswork or instincts required.

“The prose is peppered with rich cooking imagery and includes two workable, though not simple, recipes—for popovers and angel food cake. Reagan’s engaging watercolor and digital illustrations convey a sense of Fannie’s world; quotations from her writings are interspersed. Delectable!” –Kirkus Reviews

“Head into the kitchen with fabulous, but maybe not famous, Fannie Farmer, who gets the picture-
book biography treatment in this well-researched, lightly told, and evocatively illustrated

recounting of her story… This is an excellent introduction to a woman who’s probably unknown to most but whose work has impacted all, but the real star of this show is the extensive, detailed back matter: an end note with further information on topics covered in the book, suggested reads and watch lists, and a multipage time line. This is a strong addition to library and school shelves
with possible curricular tie-ins.” –Booklist

Junior Library Guild selection