To Live on an Island

When you live on an island, things are different. Sometimes harder. Sometimes sweeter. Sometimes quieter. Experience a day in the life of a child growing up on a Pacific Northwest island in this beautifully written and illustrated picture book.

Readers will learn what it’s like to grow up on an island in the Pacific Northwest from the perspective of a young boy, who wakes up to the sound of a ferry horn, hikes through the woods to get to his bus stop, drops crab pots for dinner, and falls asleep counting orcas instead of sheep.

This book celebrates what’s special about island culture and includes a brief nonfiction element on each spread that relates to the narrative.

From Sasquatch Books/Little Bigfoot. May, 2019. Illustrations by Elizabeth Person. Read reviews on my press page.


“A heartfelt snapshot of a way of life.”

“…reminiscent of Robert McCloskey’s old favorite Time of Wonder…”

-Kirkus Reviews